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About Watchful Health

About us

Watchful Health specializes in providing an effective turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution for physicians and facilities. Every aspect of our RPM is designed to be hands-off for the physician. The platform does the work, and our customer care team is the backbone of our RPM offering.

We designed our RPM platform in such a way that when the doctor has a face-to-face with the patient, the doctor is able to add even more value to the doctor-patient relationship.

About RPM Services

Watchful Health provides the following:

RPM equipment setup for each patient.

  • Health Care Team provides 24/7 patient monitoring for:
    • Blood Oxygen Levels
    • Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Blood Pressure
    • Step Counter
    • Geo Tracking
  • Setup the Doctor and Patient Dashboard to receive the patient’s live data.
  • Preparation and submission of monthly Medicare bills.
    • Watchful Health prepares the bill for the doctor’s review.
    • Watchful Health submits and manages the bill through the CMS process.
    • The Doctor is paid directly by Medicare.

Watchful Health

Care Team

Watchful Health Care Team is selected and trained to meet all Medicare guidelines for clinical support while delivering genuine care and comfort to your patients. All patient interactions are guided by our service philosophy “good people, providing good service, to good people”.

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How We Help Patients

Our solution is designed to give the patient an increased level of care, resulting in better health outcomes with minimal change to their daily activities.

We are built on service, providing patient’s mobility and peace of mind knowing their wellness is being monitored 24/7 and opening up additional channels of communication between patient, physician, families and our Care Team.